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Lia Marquez-Miranda

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Daughter of immigrant parents, a French mother and an Argentinian father, she was born in Caracas, Venezuela, therefore she knows what it means to be "different". She lived in Venezuela, France and Argentina. Then it was her turn to immigrate to a foreign country: established in Montreal since 1999, she had various experiences that enhanced her curiosity for cultural differences and it all starts with their respective language.


Danielle Vincent-Genod

Why teaching French as a second language? I always liked languages, in particular mine, French. I have been teaching for two years now, in Québec. I always have been passionate about literature, language, words! I re-discovered this passion for teaching as a volunteer at "Maison de l' Amitié" and private tutoring. Then, I graduated and obtained a certificate for french teaching as a second language that allowed me to even broaden my skills and possibilities to teach within companies, or using Skype and as a private teacher. It is a genuine satisfaction to see my students evolve and awaken, looking for the first time, the beauty of French.