Nowadays, the economic, social and cultural exchanges that we are exposed to, forces everybody to learn other languages, should it be for professional or personal reasons. The need to master another tongue than English, with its many idioms, is becoming more and more frequent.

Spanish is the third most popular mean of communication in Montreal. Not to forget, 450M people speak Spanish throughout the whole world. Quebec is part of the regions where it is increasingly in demand. Business with Hispanic countries is also increasing; furthermore, traveling is a very popular activity, and Quebecers manifest a particular preference to the ever popular Caribbean and other Hispanic countries. In a way, our cultures are getting closer and appreciate each other.



Spanish Meeting Point Project

Very soon, keep yourself informed on our  facebook  page! Face-to-face groups and on-line about Spanish Language. Cultural, tourist, and economical activities for students, teachers, natives, and tourists interested in this language. AT: Centre La Tienda d’ici à Compostelle 4329, rue Wellington Verdun Québec H4G 1W3 (Close to De l’Église green line metro station) Phone: 514- 419-3219 Spanish […]